Back in March, Geek Hard attended Toronto ComiCon 2017. It was a rousing ruckus of nerdery to be sure. As always, the guys were worked to the bone, getting some fun video interviews for you to enjoy. To help give the team of Andrew and Mr. Green a little down time, cub reporter Brent Chittenden (best known to fans of this site as the writer of Fear and Loathing in Geekdom) stepped in for a very special interview with artist Adam Gorham.

At the time when this interview was shot, Gorham’s work on issues 7 and 8 of TMNT: Universe had just recently dropped. There was also word of his upcoming work with Marvel on the new Rocket series with Al Ewing. Watch as Adam chats about both of these projects. You’ll find out what it was like for him to redesign Metalhead for his two issue Turtles arc. You’ll also get some insight on the inspiration behind Rocket’s new series. Some fun comic creator tidbits are shared in this quick little interview. Well? What are you waiting for? Watch the video right now if you know what’s good for ya.

Thanks to Brent for helping us out with this interview.

If you like this video with Adam, be sure to check back with us in the coming weeks as we’ll be bringing you more video interview with the likes of Kristian Bruun of Orphan Black and comic writer and author Marjorie Liu.

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