Hello readers! I’m back and eager to once again dive into the terrifying and mysterious realm of deep space. The last time we took a look into Alien franchise, it was through novels ALIEN: River of Pain by Christopher Golden and ALIEN: Sea of Sorrows by James A. Moore. Today, we join a diverse group of characters as they explore new and dangerous missions within a series of collected short stories; ALIENS: Bug Hunt. Through the eyes of marines, harvesters, engineers, androids, bounty hunters, field reporters, farmers and scientists, readers are taken on a wild ride through eighteen short stories of suspense, horror and action. Filled with excitement for the realms of the unknown, let’s take a look at ALIENS: Bug Hunt from Titan Books.

This collection of stories is set during the events of the first four Alien films. When the Weyland-Yutani company sends it’s brave and intelligent marines to explore unknown planets, abandoned space settlements and dormant Xenomorph nests, what awaits is beyond their imaginings and promises to haunt their waking dreams. Through engrossing and thrilling writing of a number of great writers and edited by Jonathan Maberry, the Marines face frightening climates, impossible obstacles and deathly encounters with the most brutal of monsters; the Xenomorphs. Will they complete their missions and make it home safe?

Each story captivates through intriguing characters on independent missions. Within each adventure you are thrown into a new situation and world, following along the paths of a diverse cast of characters. I really liked how even though they were mostly all marines set out to complete various missions, each story highlighted a different occupation directly connected to their character. We get to read about harvesters, engineers, scientists and even bounty hunters. I particularly loved reading from the perspective of the android character, Bishop, in Rachel Caine’s story, Broken. The android is always my favourite character and it was really cool to be inside his head. Each author did a brilliant job making their protagonist easy to connect with in such a short time. The stories were very fast paced but presented detailed characters I could really identify with.

The plot of each story moves quickly, remaining action packed and gripping with terrifying suspense. Reading the different stories one after the next gets your heart pumping and makes you crave for more with each passing adventure. There are no dull moments within these fun and scary stories. If you are new to the Alien franchise, that’s okay. While these stories are set within the same time frame as the movies, they focus on mostly new characters. It is a good entry point into Alien Universe. There are also a few stories that reference well known and established characters, giving some fun winks and nods to older fans of the franchise.

If you are looking for a diverse collection of science fiction tales packed with suspense, action and interesting characters, this series of short stories is for you. I recommend ALIENS: Bug Hunt for anyone who is looking for a series of thrilling stories that capture the world of the Alien franchise with a fresh, new take. Old and new readers to the genre will find enjoyment within these action-packed horror stories and will crave more adventures into the world of the terrifying unknown; “In space no one can hear you scream!”

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Check out Aliens: Bug Hunt from Titan Books.