Welcome to another edition of New Comics, where we give our suggestions on what books to pick up when perusing the comic shelves week to week. As always, I am joined by Kris Johnson of Bizarre Comics Entertainment. Read on to find the best of what the comic shop has in store for you this week.

BATMAN #22 $2.99 (DC Comics) – The Flash and Batsy continue their investigation into the origin of the mysterious blood-spattered Smiley button that appeared in the Batcave at the end of Flashpoint. Following the events of Flash #21 and the destruction of the Cosmic Treadmill, Bruce and Barry find themselves in an alternate dimension with no way home. To make matters weirder, the Flashpoint Universe that was thought to be destroyed at the end of that titular event not only still exists but is actually the current location of the Scarlet Speedster and Dark Knight! Whaaaat? Exactly. Exactly ‘what?’. The Button has been one of the best superhero crossovers I’ve read in some time. If you haven’t hopped on board yet, I ask that you take my hand and join in the awesome before it passes you by as quickly as a super-powered scientist in red pyjamas. (Kris Johnson)

ALL NEW GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #1 $3.99 (Marvel) – The Guardians of the Galaxy are heading out into space once again! You’d think they got a movie to promote or something. But it’s not an intergalactic press junket that beckons them. No, it’s the biggest heist they’ve ever attempted that is the culprit. Groot’s tiny and can’t grow. Drax has sworn off violence. Gamora’s searching for something and she’s not saying what. There’s a lot going on in this here book. The best part is that the series ships twice monthly so we won’t have to wait too long to find out the “why?” to all this new intrigue. There’s good times ahead for the freakin’ GOTG! (Andrew)

DAMNED #1 $1.00 (Oni) – In this new One Press book, a mid-level hood in prohibition era USA owns a speakeasy that operates as a meeting place to a certain kind of clientele. Clientele of the supernatural variety. This bar has only one rule: No demons. Only problem is there are a whole lotta demons running criminal empires in this dude’s neck of the woods. His rule probably pisses some of them off. Okay fine, it absolutely pisses all of them off. Sounds like drama and tension and a cool premise. My, I believe that’s the stuff good comics are made of, by George! (Kris Johnson)

ADAM WRECK #1 (OF 3) $1.50 (Alterna) – Don’t you just hate it when your parents take you on an interstellar roadtrip and they end up getting captured by pirates? I hate it when that happens. I hate it even more when I crash land on a planet full of monsters. While I don’t like it when it happens to me, I do enjoy reading about it happening to other people. Adam Wreck is all about that and more! Pick it up this week and enjoy reading it as well, especially since it’s printed on gloriously nostalgic newsprint. (Andrew)

PREDATOR HUNTERS #1 $3.99 (Dark Horse) – I am a HUUUUUGE fan of the original Predator film. I have also been known to watch Predators (thoroughly enjoyable) and even Predator 2 (Danny Glover is the shit) on occasion to get my evil-vagina-faced movie monster fix. But I very rarely bother with the comics. Why? Well, I just don’t find them to be very good, to be quite honest. That said, Dark Horse has put out some books that have made me eat my words and it just so happens that the protagonists of those very titles are making their big return in this new mini-series. Are the Predators looking for revenge against the humans who have bested them? Negative. You see, this time around, someone is putting together a team of Earth’s toughest to take the fight to ugly motherfuckers themselves, and I, for one, am quite excited. Just don’t expect Dutch to show up, okay? Sometimes things can be pretty damn cool but they can’t be the coolest, alright? Temper that shit. (Kris Johnson)

BULLSEYE #4 (OF 5) $3.99 (Marvel) – Bullseye is at the mercy of Teodor and the Black Knife Cartel….Or is he? You never can tell if Bullseye is straight up a prisoner or if he’s just biding his time to strike. Dude’s the deadliest assassin on the planet. Even tied up and beaten with a hundred guys surrounding him, he’s not someone you want to mess with. Needless to say, there will be blood. (Andrew)

CROAK #1 (OF 3) $1.50 (Alterna) – I think you folks know me well enough by now to know that it’s extremely difficult for yours truly to resist a new horror comic with a solid hook when it lands on the shelf. But you know what makes it’s even tougher? When that new horror book only costs $1.50… That’s right. A buck fifty. What in the fuck can you get for $1.50 anymore? A shitty bag of chips from a vending machine? A sad burger from a value menu? A look of disdain from even the hungriest of hobos? Sure, all of those things. But you know what you couldn’t get? Quality comics. Until now. Thanks to Alterna Comics, you can take the change in your pocket and buy a front row seat as three teens journey into the wilderness for what they think will be a weekend of booze-fuelled camping only to be confronted with their most horrific nightmares. Good work, Buck-Fifty. You’re the captain now. (Kris Johnson)

STUFF OF LEGEND: CALL TO ARMS #2 $3.99 (Th3rd World) – The battle against the Boogeyman in the DARK continues. Will our heroes be able to stop the dark one after he puts together his super army and the Toymaker finishes his ultimate weapon? Time will tell….and this issue will probably tell you as well. Pick it up and read one of the best stories that has ever hit a comic page. Shit’s going down that may in fact change the way you look at the DARK forever. (Andrew)

SECRET EMPIRE #1 (OF 9) $4.99 (Marvel) – If you thought people couldn’t lose their minds any more than they did after the reveal of Hydra Cap waaaaay back in Steve Rogers: Captain America #1, you clearly didn’t read Secret Empire #0. Seriously, holy shit. After the revelations in that book, maaaaan, people are pissed! They discovered another, like, six undiscovered tiers of outrage. It’s amazing to behold, truly. Me? I’m enjoying the story and am interested to see where they take things. In the end, I’m sure Cap will be restored and hope that those of us who like well-crafted stories that take risks will look back on this fondly. Pick up this issue on Wednesday to see what all the fuss is about. (Kris Johnson)

JEAN GREY #1 $3.99 (Marvel) – So Jean Grey has a complicated past. For the current Jean Grey that inhabits the Marvel Universe, she actually has a complicated future. Ever since Beast decided to bring the original five X-Men forward in time, they’ve been stuck in present day and now know all that awaits their adult counterparts. For Jean, that’s some shitty stuff to find out. Getting ultimate power that consumes you and causes some crazy shit to happen. Dying Twice! That’s a lot to take in. It’s even harder to deal with when you get a premonition that the Phoenix Force (the thing that corrupted older Jean) is coming for you. Is Jean doomed to relive her former fate for the first time? I don’t know but this whole time displacement stuff makes my head spin. (Andrew)

So there you go. That’s this week’s New Comics. Check these books out and let us know what you think. We’ll be back again next week with more choice cuts of comic goodness!

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All New Guardians of the Galaxy #1