This week, we chat with an award winning comic book artist and watch some pirates do their thing.

Don’t miss this Friday’s Geek Hard where the celebration never stops. It’s Andrew’s birthday and he and Mr. Green are celebrating with a pretty fun show. Listen as Andrew plays an interview he conducted at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival with comic artist Sean Phillips. Sean works exclusively with writer Ed Brubaker and the two have created some amazing crime noir and hard boiled comics over the years. Sean’s current work, Kill or be Killed, is a series about a young vigilante with a possible supernatural connection. Here’s a bit more on the comic:

Kill or Be Killed is the sixth collaboration between Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, who had previously created other crime comics like Criminal, Fatale, and The Fade Out together. The story is about Dylan, a depressed college student who attempts suicide. He survives due to unlikely events, but is soon visited by a demon who explains he spared Dylan’s life. In exchange, Dylan will be allowed to live one more month for every person he kills. The comic examines the consequences of vigilante violence and its effects on Dylan’s loved ones.

For more on Sean Phillips, check out his website and be sure to listen to Andrew’s interview with him this Friday.

But there’s more! What show would be complete without a review of the latest film to hit the cinema? It’s the film no one saw coming (and truth be told, no one was asking for): Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Will this be a return to form for the once great franchise? Or will it be the cash grab that it feels like? Find out what Andrew and Green think this Friday.

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Will Pirates pillage your money for no good reason? Find out this Friday.