Welcome friends to Back Issue Bloodbath, a comics-centric podcast presented by Geek Hard. Join hosts Andrew Young and Sammy Younan as they get down and dirty in the four-colour world of comic books, focusing on classic stories, new issues, comic creators and hot button topics.

This week on Bloodbath, it’s another Creator Spotlight. Who’s more deserving than a guy who’s “saved” DC Comics on a number of occasions: Geoff Johns! Whether it be his fantastic runs on Green Lantern and The Flash or his revival of Hawkman, The JSA and Aquaman, Johns’ has proven time and time again that he’s the captain over at the Distinguished Competition. His name is also synonymous with the word “Rebirth”. But hey, let’s not forget he also had a pretty interesting run on Avengers once upon a time. The guy is just a superhero-writing machine! And to think, once upon a time he was Richard Donner’s assistant on Leathal Weapon 4. Don’t blame him for that mess. His destiny was the world of comics. But the dude still rocks in the world of television and movies too.

Sit back and relax as Andrew and Sammy talk about the many comic tales that Geoff Johns has written. Whether it’s Post-Crisis, Pre-Infinite Crisis, The New 52 or the current Rebirth, we’ll be touching on most of it. Find out what books are the guys’ favourites, right here on another jam-packed edition of your favourite comic book podcast, Back Issue Bloodbath!

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