We got a big show this week? That’s a Texas Sized 10-4!

Don’t miss Geek Hard this Friday as we bring you a show packed with reviews and guests galore. Take a listen to hear Andrew’s interview with Nathan Dales and Michelle Mylett, a.k.a. Daryl and Katy of the Crave TV Original series, Letterkenny. Season 3 of the breakout comedy series debuts on the streaming service this Canada Day (July 1st). Winter is coming….to Letterkenny. So be sure to listen as Nathan and Michelle give us the scoop on what to expect in this new batch of episodes. For those that don’t know, here’s a quick bio on Letterkenny:


LETTERKENNY revolves around the dustups Wayne and his buds get into with their small-town Ontario rivals. There’s The Hicks, The Skids, and The Hockey Players, who get at each other about the most mundane things, often ending with someone getting their ass kicked. Canadian Screen Award Winner for Best Comedy, Season 3 of the six-part, half-hour smash-hit series returns but this time with the frigid Canadian winter as the back drop.

For more info on Season 3 of Letterkenny, be sure to listen to Andrew’s interview with Nathan and Michelle this Friday.

But that’s not the only guest for this Friday’s show. Joining us via phone will be Vas Saranga. Vas is an actor that’s appeared in a number of television shows over the past few years including the current season of Orphan Black. Vas has a recurring role as Amar, one of the neolutionists, in the fifth and final season of the BBC America/Space series. He’ll be on to maybe give us a few hints about what the Neos are up. Clone Clubbers, be sure to listen.

To finish off the night, the guys have also got a movie review coming your way. Andrew and Mr. Green will be giving their thoughts on Baby Driver, the new film from Edgar Wright that hits theatres this week. Will it be a super cool heist movie of instant classic proportions? Or will it make us wish for another Cornetto film? Find out this Friday.

All this, plus the news and reviews that you’ve come to expect, right here on Geek Hard. Listen LIVE! This Friday at 7PM on the station that drives a hard bargain, www.realityradio101.com.

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Will Baby Driver getaway with the box office this week? Find out this Friday.