Back in March, Geek Hard attended Toronto ComiCon 2017. It was a rousing ruckus of nerdery to be sure. As always, the guys were worked to the bone, getting some fun video interviews for you to enjoy. One of the highlights of that weekend would have to be catching up with actor Kristian Bruun. Best known as Donnie Hendrix on Orphan Black, Kristian has been a longtime friend of Geek Hard’s, appearing in video interviews as well as a guest on both our radio show and our Geek Hard Live events. This particular interview, Kristian and Andrew get into some tomfoolery to be sure.

Kristian was at Toronto ComiCon to promote Deep Six, a new science fiction webseries that’s premiering soon. We got a chance to chat with him about the show and his role to find out what we can expect. The series take things old school, wearing it’s influences (like 2001) on its sleeve. Not only does it look like classic hard sci-fi, it also uses a number of retro techniques in production. Rear Projection and miniatures are just a couple of examples. Kristian gives a little bit of insight into the behind the scenes magic.

There’s also talk of Orphan Black‘s final season and more than a few jokes that might not be safe for work. We hope that’s enough to whet your appetite. Check out this video right now and see what buffoonery we get into this time.

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