Welcome to another edition of New Comics, where we give our suggestions on what books to pick up when perusing the comic shelves week to week. As always, I am joined by Kris Johnson of Bizarre Comics Entertainment. Read on to find the best of what the comic shop has in store for you this week.

THE DEFENDERS #2 $3.99 (Marvel) – The first issue of the The Defenders was, hands down, my favourite debut issue of a Marvel comic in a very, very long time. The characterizations were spot on, the interactions were fun, the set-up was intriguing, and the long-thought-dead-but-apparently-not-so-much villain was a fun inclusion. Bendis and Marquez have another hit on their hands and I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for issue two. Here’s hoping they can maintain this ridiculously high level of quality for a very long time. (Kris Johnson)

WONDER WOMAN #25 $3.99 (DC Comics) – If you’ve been reading Wondy since the beginning of Rebirth, all your questions will be answered here. Greg Rucka is bringing all the storylines together in grand fashion and you don’t want to miss it. Here’s to Rucka and crew kickin’ ass and telling truths for the past year on Wonder Woman! (Andrew)

BLACK PANTHER #15 $3.99 (Marvel)“Avengers of the New World” rolls on as Black Panther and his super-powered allies struggle to hold Wakanda together in the face of a new reality in which the gods have forsaken them and all manner of mythical and monstrous creatures threaten to destroy what remains of the fractured nation. Sounds awesome, to be sure. But the real kicker here is that our pal Adam Gorham joins Wilfredo Torres on art duties for the next couple of issues, and if you’ve had the opportunity to scope out some of the previews he’s been throwing up on Instagram, then you know we’re in for something special. (Kris Johnson)

BALLAD OF RORY HAWKINS GN $19.99 (Caliber) – A pulp murder tale from 1969 where Charles Manson is the bad guy? Do I really need to say anything else? Okay, I will. Novelist Rory Hawkins is in L.A. doing research for his next book, hanging with actor George Clayton. The two go to the Spahn movie ranch and somehow end up on Charlie’s murder list. Not how I like to spend my work vacations but it fun when it happens to someone else….right? (Andrew)

BATMAN ELMER FUDD SPECIAL #1 $4.99 (DC Comics) – These DC/Looney Tunes crossovers have been weird as shit so far, am I right? I mean, clever and for the most part, tremendously entertaining, but weird as shit. Well the boys in editorial are not stopping any time soon. This time the powers that be are mashing up the Dark Knight Detective and everyone’s favourite hapless hunter, Elmer Fudd. But here’s the rub: Batman isn’t being dropped into a zany cartoon world. Oh no. Instead, this comic will examine what happens when a more realistic (and mentally disturbed) version of Fudd crosses paths with the Bat in the grimy, gritty, crime-ridden streets of Gotham. And in that context? Elmer’s penchant for single minded rabbit hunting becomes a study in obsession. An obsession that could find Batsy staring down the barrel of a gun. (Kris Johnson)

SPIDER-MAN: WEBSPINNERS TP $39.99 (Marvel) – Gonna take a short trip in the Wayback Machine to the late 90s. Wanna join me? If you come, you’ll get to check out some pretty cool Spider-Man stories during a time when there were very few. With great creators like J.M. DeMatteis, Paul Jenkins, John Romita, Jill Thompson, Sean Phillips and J.G. Jones, the Webspinners series told some fantastic Spidey tales. I bet there’s a bunch of you there that didn’t even know this series existed. Have your eyes opened with this handy, dandy collection. (Andrew)

REDNECK #3 $3.99 (Image) – Yes, this is my third time recommending Redneck in as many issues, so I hope you guys are all reading this fucking awesome comic at this point. But for the benefit of the stragglers I will sing its praises yet again. At the end of last issue, the Bowman boys were finally unleashed. Only problem is their farm is already under siege by a veritable army of hillbillies. What are some good ol’ barbecue loving vampires to do when the numbers just ain’t on their side? Why not unleash the ancient bloodsucker in the attic that scares other nightcrawlers shitless? Sounds like a sound plan to me! (Kris Johnson)

JONAH HEX YOSEMITE SAM SPECIAL #1 $4.99 (DC Comics) – That’s right, we’re both recommending a DC/Looney Tunes crossover special this week! This one is extra special because it brings Jimmy Palmiotti back to Jonah Hex. If that ain’t something to get all riled up about, I don’t know what is. Yosemite Sam has finally struck it rich. To keep all those no-good varmits away from his gold, he’s hired protection in the form of Hex. That was a big mistake. I can’t wait to see where Jimmy and artist Mark Texeira take this one. (Andrew)

BANKSHOT #1 $3.99 (Dark Horse) – Modern day billionaire Robin Hood or well-funded terrorist? Bankshot’s Marcus King has been thought of as both but the truth is somewhat more complex. In writer Alex de Campi’s and artist ChrisCross’s new series, they introduce this new anti-hero with only one goal in mind: To create the most action-packed and kinetic comic book series to ever hit stands. Big words, maaaan. I’ll definitely be picking up the first issue to see how close they get to the mark. (Kris Johnson)

BLOOD BROTHERS #1 $3.99 (Dynamite) – Detective Brothers in a strange land, doing what they do best. That’s a quick way to explain this book. (It might also be the opening line to their theme song if they had one – Note to self: write theme song for these guys.) Diego and Gabriel Soliz are detectives in a city full of mythical and legendary creatures. To say their work skews to the weird would be an understatement. Things get even weirder when they’re tasked with tracking down a missing Aztec Skull. Worth checking out. (Andrew)


So there you go. That’s this week’s New Comics. Check these books out and let us know what you think. We’ll be back again next week with more choice cuts of comic goodness!

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Batman Elmer Fudd Special #1