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Cash grabs. Mainstream comics are all about them. If there’s a quickfire way to get a fanboy or girl to part with their money, you better believe Marvel and DC are ready to use them. One of the most popular is the death of a character. Every big name has died at least once. Because of this, a cash grab that just as popular is the “Return” of a character. If you shelled out to seem them die, you’ll pay just as much to see them come back to the land of the “living”. The reasoning behind this is sound. The execution is usually where the problem lies.

When it comes to character returns, there have been great ones that have rejuvenated franchises and made heroes better than they were before. Bucky coming back as the Winter Soldier in the pages of Ed Brubaker’s Captain America was one of the greatest stories of Marvel’s modern era. On the other hand, the rushed return of Jean Grey is one that still seems goofy to this day. And don’t get us started on the Death and Return of Superman. In a world where dead doesn’t mean dead, is it important to present a logical and satisfying explanation for a character’s return? Or do the ends justify the means? That’s what Andrew and Sammy attempt to figure out on an ALL NEW Back Issue Bloodbath.

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