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This week, we take a look back at DC’s first try at doing socially conscious comics: Green Lantern Green Arrow. Released as part of the Green Lantern series in the 70s (and finishing up as backup stories in The Flash), the tale of the “Hard Traveling Heroes” – Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen – took a look at social issues of the time. Accompanied by a Guardian from the Planet Oa, Green Lantern and Green Arrow set out across American to connect with the common man. These issues focused on problems such as racism, drug addiction, overpopulation, consumerism and more. The delivery of these stories is a bit hokey by today’s standards. Still, the message of this series has value, especially in our current political and social climate.

Join Andrew and Sammy as they take a look back on the now classic Green Lantern Green Arrow series written by Denny O’Neil with art from Neal Adams. This is the series that cemented Green Arrow as the quintessential socially conscious superhero. It also sports the first appearance of GL John Stewart. We take a look at all this history and more in the latest episode of Back Issue Bloodbath!

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