“These are the days of miracle and wonder

And don’t cry baby don’t cry

Don’t cry”

The Boy in the Bubble – Paul Simon


A lot of the comic book/nerd media focuses on the bad of what’s going in our world.

And don’t get me wrong, I understand why.

There are a ton of comics flooding the market that aren’t particularly good. Superhero movies rule the box office but there is a growing sense of familiarity with them. And while there are a lot of good and even great superhero movies, a lot of great original films get buried in their wake.

There are a number of consistent reports of brick and mortar comic shops closing every week, not to mention a lack of any mom and pop books stores… or well anything really.

Back issue comics prices have sky rocketed to ridiculous levels, to the point where I know a number of retailers have told me that it’s insane what they are paying for books and insane what they are getting for these books.

And let’s not get into the world outside our nerd bubble. Not to get too political but the cheeto-glazed man who failed upwards to be the supposed leader of the free world scares me.

But there is still a lot of good out there.

For the tons of bad comics, there are some great ones in both superhero and other genres.

Saga is consistently a good book.

Warren Ellis has once again proved that he can take half-moldy leftovers from the fridge and turn them into a meal fit for a king with The Wildstorm.

We have The Flash on TV… and it’s good!

I live in an age where not only can I watch Luke Cage and Iron Fist kick ass on the small screen, but I can go out and buy action figures of them.

Comic shops are taking a hit but there are still some that are thriving. Those same retailers I spoke about before? The ones buying and selling back issues at insane prices? They seem to be much more self-aware than the retailers of the previous crash. Many of them know it’s coming eventually and are well prepared to switch gears when it does.

As for the human race, I’d like to think that we will make it through. We have a lot of issues. There are a lot of problems with how we treat the planet and each other. But there are also a lot of good people out there. Not only that, there are a lot of smart people out there working on things to help better us as a species.

So why am I getting so sentimental?

I tend to do that when I have to say goodbye.

A month or two ago, I had to slow down working on this column for a number of reasons. A number of which are professional: I have a full-time writing job that puts me at a desk for a number of hours. Not grumbling because I know how lucky I am (I work from home but yet am still a full-time employee). Just noting it takes time. I am writing a serialized column for Alan Cross’s website, A Journal of Musical Things, called 52 Albums That Changed My Life (and other exaggerations). The plan is, when that column is complete, it will be the basis for my very first book.

Conversations I had with friends of mine at a bar every Thursday night have become a fun podcast called True North Nerds (you can find it here and here) We’re trying some things that are very similar to what Geek Hard does as well trying to do something within my local nerd community of Barrie, Ontario. It’s been really great moving into these creative areas again, especially when it comes to hosting and producing a show.

All of these things are starting to ramp up. While the 52 Albums column is going to serve as the basis of a book, there is a lot more work to be done, including interviews. The podcast is starting to generate a full head of steam and it’s now time to do a few more things with it and see what we can get this puppy to do.

Which means I have to put Fear and Loathing in Geekdom to bed for a while. And it seems fitting that my last work with Geek Hard, for the time being, comes on Fan Expo Canada weekend, the weekend that my friendship with Andrew and James began. (Mainly because we hate the same people but that’s a story for a drunken bar night.)

So as part of that, if you want to catch me at Fan Expo Canada, here are the panels and sketch duels I shall be hosting:


Sketch Duel: Ty Templeton Vs Jay Fosgitt Vs Sara Richard Vs Adam Gorham 5:45 Pm 716b



Comic Legends Panel With Mike Zeck, Pat Proderick, Scott Hanna & Matt Banning 2:30 PM 715b



Writing For Comics Roundtable With Jeff Lemire, Jim Zub, Tom King, Janet Lee & Friends 2:30 PM 714b


And with that, I would once again like to thank Andrew and James for giving me this forum for venting/writing/reviewing/whatervering my look at the nerd world with very few conditions other than, “Can we have it on Wednesday?” These gentlemen are not only very good at Geek… Harding (?) but they are also very good friends and very supportive of my creative ventures both on their website and off.

The last time I ended this column… I returned two years later… so this time, I’m calling it a hiatus. Maybe once the book is finished, I shall return.

Until then, so long and thanks for all the fish.

Brent Chittenden


If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!