This week, we bring you another wet, hot summer show to tickle your fandom.

Don’t miss this Friday’s show as we’ll be chatting with some cool guests as per usual. First up is director Robert Lieberman. Rob has had a storied career with many films and television shows under his belt. One of those t.v. shows has snagged him a Directors’ Guild of Canada award nomination for “Best Director in a Dramatic Series” for his work in the hit sci-fi series The Expanse. Robert will be on to talk with us about his time working on The Expanse and other shows. Here’s a quick bio on Robert:

Robert Lieberman has been a prominent director in film, television and commercials over multiple decades. A highlight from his expansive career in television was directing the pilot and Executive Producing the CBS series Gabriel’s Fire, which starred James Earl Jones and garnered three Emmy Awards. In addition to Gabriel’s Fire, he directed the pilot and Executive Produced The Dead Zone (which ran for seven seasons on USA), and Strong Medicine (which ran for six seasons on Lifetime). He was also brought on as a Co-Executive Producer on Ascension for Syfy.

For more on Robert Lieberman, be sure to listen to our interview with him this week.

Also on the show, we’ll be playing our interview with Fan Expo Canada organizer, James Armstrong. James has been a long time friend of the show and we always love to hear him talk about the upcoming convention. Fan Expo is Canada’s largest convention and is always filled with exciting guests and attractions. To find out what’s going down at this year’s con, check out their website and listen to our interview with James this Friday.

I know what your thinking.

This sounds like a normal show. When are things going to get Wet and Hot like it says at the top of the page?

The answer will reveal itself during our review of Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later. The sequel series to the cult classic film from 2001 boasts a full roster of fantastic comic actors. Some were in the previous movie and prequel series. Some are brand new to the Wet Hot Universe. Find out what we think of the latest Netflix show this Friday.

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Will the Ten Years Later series be as Wet Hot as the original film? find out this Friday.