This week, we get in a big TIFF.

Don’t miss this Friday’s Episode of Geek Hard for our annual TIFF roundup. Andrew and Mr. Green will be talking about the films that screened at the Toronto International Film Fest. Which films captured the audience’s imagination and which ones were just a bunch of ballywho? Find out as we are joined via phone by Noah Taylor. Noah is the film editor at and reviewed a number of films that played at TIFF17. He’ll let us know about all the big flicks that screened and all the crazy times he had. Here’s a quick bio on Noah:

Dork Shelf Film Editor Noah Taylor knows film. In addition to Dork Shelf, he has contributed to sites such as Indiewire and Art of the Title. From working in a video store, to studying film at Concordia University, acting in indie films, writing screenplays, to shooting and editing EPK material, he is a true cinephile who appreciates that when it comes to movies, no one will ever know all there is to know or see all there is to see.


For more on TIFF17, be sure to listen to our chat with Noah this Friday.

Andrew and Mr. Green saw at least one TIFF17 film this year. Listen as the boys bring your their review of Brawl in Cell Block 99, which screened as part of the Midnight Madness program. Is this film an instant classic in the realm of genre films? Or is it a disappointing follow up to director S. Craig Zahler first feature, Bone Tomahawk? Find out this Friday as Andrew and Green give their honest opinion.

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Will this Brawl put on a show? Find out this Friday.