This week, we talk about space, the future and drugs.

Don’t miss this Friday’s episode of Geek Hard with TWO very special guests. First up, calling into the program will be actor/producer/writer Kelly McCormack. Fans of Killjoys will recognize her as new “nerd” recruit Zeph. But Killjoys isn’t the only thing she’s been working on this year as she produced and starred in The Neddeaus of Duqesne Island for CBC Comedy. She’ll be on to tell us all about her various projects in the world of entertainment. For more info on Kelly McCormack, you can check out her website and be sure to listen to our interview with her this Friday.

Our second guest is Chris Cheung who launched Meta Olympia this past summer. Meta Olympia is “a glorious mash-up of sports news, science fiction, art and technology.” Through old school sports reporting, the world of Meta Olympia is revealed. We learn not just about the players, but also the living conditions of the future colonies of Mars.

Chris will be joining us via phone to tell us more about this new framework for sci-fi storytelling. Be sure to catch Friday’s show to hear the interview.

As always, we’ve also got a movie review coming your way as we tell you our thoughts on the new Tom Cruise film, American Made. Will this be one of those Cruise films where you can turn your brain off and have a good time? Or will it be another case of a director giving his lead star too much say in the making of the film? Find out this Friday.

All this, plus the news and reviews that you’ve come to expect, right here on Geek Hard. Listen LIVE! This Friday at 7PM Eastern on the station that always looking for a good time,

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Was American Made made well? Find out this Friday.