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Do the clothes make the hero? And if that’s the case, does a change of threads make a character better or worse? The costume change is a staple of a superhero’s journey in the world of DC and Marvel. No character has ever been left alone. There have always been tweaks and additions to every character’s uniform throughout the years. Some have even had complete overhauls of name and appearance. The Superhero Costume Change has become both a moment and excitement and dread for fanboys and fangirls over the years.

Join us this week as we take a look at the superhero costume change. Which ones are our favourites? Which ones do we wish never happened? What’s the reason behind some of these redesigns? All of these questions are touched upon. We even get into the age old debate on which Wolverine look is better: Blue and Gold or Tan and Brown? There’s also an attempt to figure out if The Wasp has a definitive costume. Who’s to say, really? She changes her costume almost every issue. It’s a fun time looking at what heroes wear and if we the fans care on an ALL NEW Back Issue Bloodbath.

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