In honour of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival… these are my TOP 5 MOST ANTICIPATED 2017 After Dark Films.

This of course refers to movies that are screening during the festival, taking place at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto from October 12-20th. Each year, the fest puts on a clinic in genre films from around the world from Sci-fi to Horror… well mostly horror. If you have not a had a chance to check it out, you are missing out on one of the best festivals out there now celebrating it’s 12th stunning year. Festival runner Adam Lopez and his entire team pick some of the best and most interesting films going.

Over the last few years of covering the fest, we’ve seen a great selection of films including sci-fi The Machine, post apocalyptic actioner Bounty Killer, zombie hit (Festival Best Action Film) Wyrmwood and last year’s festival darling, the Korean zombie movie Train to Busan. I haven’t even hit on the body modification or gore-fest films they’ve played in the past. It literally has something for everyone’s tastes and to me, that’s the hallmark of a great festival. You might not always be into what’s there, which is fine, but there is bound to be something there for you if you love genre films.

Don’t forget to check out the full schedule & buy your tickets here!

MY FRIEND DAHMER – THURSDAY OCTOBER 12th, 7.00 PM (Encore screening OCTOBER 14th, 11:59pm)

A great way to start off the Festival! Based on the graphic novel of the same name. Quirky off-beat portrayal of a soon to be brutal serial killer while still in high school. This looks to set the tone for the entire fest. The topic continues to be a little controversial as Dahmer and any possible glorification will be.



Okay TADFF wouldn’t be a festival without some good revenge killing. Korea’s entry looks to be taking the classic Le Femme Nikita and giving it an infusion of Asian high octane action scenes that seem to defy logic. I had hoped it would come to the festival now I can’t wait to check this one out.



Last year After Dark screened the solid War on Everyone here are Andrew’s thoughts on that film. Lowlife looks to continue the tradition of pulpy crime dramas at the festival Bounty Killer (2013) & Sushi Girl (2012). Plus we get the added bonus of the hero(?) wearing a lucha mask during the movie that looks bat-shit crazy. I mean that in a good way.



This film has some great prior festival accolades and I think has a lot of potential up side but could still disappoint. There is a fine line to weave for what this film appears to be. I’m super intrigued and looks to be a really solid Thursday night lineup following up Lowlife. What may be the surreal nature of the film is what makes it it click for me.


TRAGEDY GIRLS – FRIDAY OCTOBER 20th, 9.15 PM (Encore screening at 11:59pm)

It blew up at SXSW and makes it’s Toronto premiere to close out the festival, now we get to see what all the fuss was about. Director Tyler MacIntyre returns to the festival with what looks to be a great followup to his last entry Patchwork (2015). A film that really had a lot of great dark comedy in it and this looks to keep that tradition alive… well until the girls murder it and plaster it all over twitter.

I also want to give honorable mention to a movie that almost made this list – Eat Locals A movie about vampires who are just looking for a quick bite to eat when they get interrupted. See, this year even my “thanks for coming out” pick looks to be super strong too.

*** IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE – Plus don’t forget to check out all of the shorts that play before each screening during the festival but also the always amazing Shorts After Dark program. It screens Saturday afternoon and always delights with some truly brilliant International short films.

In the end, I had another difficult time picking my pre-fest picks. Hats off to all the programmers at Toronto After Dark Film Festival who worked so hard combing through all the entries for this year’s fest. This lineup is looking really strong and a great way to kick off the fall.

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