The Toronto After Dark Film Festival continues tonight with another entry in this year’s festivities – Defective. Written and directed by Reese Eveneshen , the film takes place in the classic “day after tomorrow” trope, used effectively to tell its story. Rhett Murphy, played by Colin Paradine, lives in a world where a relatively new government program (S.E.A. – State Enforcement Agency) works to help with the security of the state and protect its citizens… at all costs.

The movie evokes other films of the sci-fi pedigree. Properties like They Live, Escape From New York, Terminator, District 9, Blade Runner, Westworld and Doctor Who are all comparable at points in the story. At one point where Rhett has no real memory of his life or what he actually knows, he comes face to face with his past in a tough way that leads to the chaos that follows him for the rest of the film. Running from SEA at every turn, Rhett has to make hard choices. Facing a world where everyone may be an enemy and it’s hard to know who to trust, Rhett believes in his sister. She in turn wants to trust in him.

Production apparently started without full financing in place and it can be seen at times while watching but it doesn’t take too much away from the story at hand. They explore not only what makes humans human but also paramilitary security forces, government control, human complacency and much more. All of which is bubbling just below the surface of this movie. Will Rhett make it out alive? Will his sister, and more importantly, will humanity survive what is happening around them.

There’s a lot of questions being asked during the film and while some are answered, not all are completely. This gives way to possible follow up stories in this world which I would be interested in checking out. The world has enough possibilities that it could be turned into a series of films or a TV series like Westworld where it would potentially have the room to breathe and tell it’s story at it’s own pace. I would be interested to hear some of the writer/director’s visions for the story, many of which I’m sure that are on the cutting room floor or still in his head.

If you are looking for a sci-fi film that asks big questions, Defective is the film for you. There are some very cool visuals on display with the beating heart of humanity driving it forward.

Playing before Defective is the Canadian short film Missing Toes, a bizarre look at a nurse taking care of damaged feet. It’s under 2 mins and is a very strange entry in the festival.

If you want a film that celebrates science fiction, action and deep ideas you will want to see Defective. The film screens at Toronto After Dark 2017 on Tuesday, October 17th 9:30PM. Tickets are available at the Cineplex Website.

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Defective plays tonight at #TADFF17