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Back in July of this year, Andrew got the chance to chat with writer Kelly Thompson about the latest Hawkeye series. The comic stars Kate Bishop (some would call her the better Hawkeye) and focuses on her return to Los Angeles and her second go at being a private detective. Since that interview, Andrew has been dying to do an episode of BIB on this series. Sammy finally got around to reading the first trade and even suggested we do an episode on it. Andrew hoped this would lead to an in depth discussion about the book. What follows is not what Andrew hoped for.

Listen to the latest episode of Back Issue Bloodbath where Andrew makes many points about how great this Hawkeye series is while Sammy repeatedly makes the same point on why he thinks it’s not. The episode is funny to say the least and harkens back to the Steve Trevor incident. There is praise for the artwork of Leonardo Romero and Michael Walsh, as well as a review of the story so far with Madame Masque, Aggregate and Kate’s Father. There’s also Sammy saying the word purple A LOT. Take a listen and enjoy…….Andrew sure didn’t.

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