It’s the end of November. Soon it will be time to celebrate Christmas and the end of another year. But not just yet. This week, things are going to get a little spooky in Toronto with the 6th Annual Blood In The Snow Canadian Film Festival. Celebrating horror movies from across Canada, this year’s fest takes over the Royal Cinema from November 23rd to 26th for 4 days of scary movies. To get you ready for the event, we’ve got a handful of reviews for some of this year’s offerings. Friday night kicks off with the action-packed Kill Order.

Directed by James Mark, Kill Order is the story of a young man who discovers he has extraordinary gifts. But unlike a superhero movie, this discovery is not an uplifting experience for him. David is a teenager who appears to suffer from mental illness. For reasons unknown to him, a group of heavily armed men raid his school and attempt to take him captive. This triggers a dark force inside him, revealing he has superhuman abilities and a secret past. After escaping capture, David must run for his life.

The tone of this film is very dark. It feels cold and clinical, reminiscent of a anime in it’s structure. Everyone is very reserved in their actions and there’s a impersonal feeling to the each of the performances. This appears to be done for effect as it fits the overall feel of the film. The detachment of the characters puts the focus on the driving action of the story. The fight sequences of the piece take center stage, acting in contrast with the subdued feeling of the rest of the film. It’s in these fights where we learn more about the character of David. There are moments throughout where little bits of the boy’s past are revealed, but the true moments of discovery take place during the action.

Everything about the pacing of the film is deliberate and it stays true to it’s vision throughout. That being said, it would’ve been nice to have gotten to see a bit more life to these characters. Regardless, the film flies by at a breakneck speed and the viewer is taken for a ride that provides some very satisfying action.

Don’t miss Kill Order, playing at The Blood In The Snow Canadian Film Festival this Friday night at 7PM. Tickets are available HERE.

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Kill Order plays at BITS17 on November 24th at 7PM.