This week, we get a little scary, a little spooky, and a little justice-y.

Don’t miss this Friday’s Episode of Geek Hard where Andrew and Mr. Green talk to three Guests. Up first is actor Lora Burke. Lora is the star of Poor Agnes, a new film that dissects the psyche of a female serial killer. The guys got to see it last month at the Toronto After Dark Film Festiva. The film’s been “killing it” on the festival circuit. Lora has described her character as kind of an “Evil Reese Whitherspoon”. Listen as Lora tells us all about the film (currently playing in Toronto) and hints at other upcoming projects.

If you want to know more about Poor Agnes, check our their website, and be sure to listen to our interview with Lora Burke this Friday.

We shift from movies to comics with our next guests, comic creators Andrea Fort and Michael Christopher Heron. Their indie comic, Songs for the Dead, has recently been picked up by Vault Comics, with a re-release of issue one coming to comic shops this January. Andrea and Michael will be on to tell you why you should order this series. Here’s a quick synopsis on Songs for the Dead:

As our story begins, we meet Bethany, a drifter with a hero complex who finds herself in the town of Llyne in search of someone in need. She finds her mission in the name of Emory Van Craggan, a fifteen-year-old boy who went missing while fetching supplies for his family from an adjacent village. Despite the warning of bandits potentially being involved in his disappearance, Bethany embarks alone on an adventure, hoping to rescue the ill-fated boy.

For more on Songs for the Dead, catch our interview with Andrea and Michael this Friday.

We’re also bringing you yet another movie review as we finally get around to talking about last week’s big release, Justice League. While the film didn’t hit the projected box office numbers it set out to, it’s still getting somewhat better reviews than expected. For those hold outs who are waiting, let us be your guide. We’ll tell you if you need to see this film in theatres. Find out our thoughts on the matter this Friday.

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