2017 is in the rear view, but we’ve still got a few things to say about it. Tonight on Geek Hard, we’ll be bringing you a special 75 minute episode counting down the Best of the Best Movies, Comics and Television shows that the previous year had to offer. Right now, I thought I’d personally count down the Ten Best Comics series of 2016. There’s been a lot of great stuff that came out this past year but only so many can be touted as the best. So let’s take a look at my picks for the Ten Best Comics of 2017:


 #10 – Super Sons (DC Comics)

Last year, Peter Tomasi’s Superman was a surprise entrant on my Ten Best list. In 2017, Tomasi continued to tell great stories involving the kryptonian and his son, as well as branching out to this new title that was even more fun. Super Sons is the after school adventures you fantasized having as a kid. And the art by Jorge Jimenez leaps off the page in a single bound.



#9 – Paper Girls (Image)

Time Travel. Giant Mechs. Futuristic Warfare. Paper carriers from the 80s. One of these is not like the others. To try to explain the insane adventure that is Paper Girls in one paragraph is almost impossible. Brian K. Vaughan gives us a Goonies-like, coming of age tale that gets all timey wimey but doesn’t lose sight of it’s characters. These young girls are learning new things about themselves as they attempt to survive this grand experience. Will things ever be the same again?


#8 – Rocket (Marvel)

Crime capers in space hatched by the baddest, meanest, toughest Guardian of the Galaxy that ever was. Al Ewing took the Rocket we all know and love and made him a smooth bad-ass akin to Parker and Bullitt. Adam Gorham’s art had the perfect blend of sci-fi and film noir. If they ever made a Rocket solo movie, this would be the story to tell.



#7 – Redlands (Image)

Redlands, Florida is a not so sleepy little town where things are very strange. The Police department is run by a coven of witches who have their hands full with a number of killers and creatures on the loose. In a story where there’s no definitive “good guys”, the witches are true to themselves and unapologetic about it. It’s the honesty of the characters that makes them easy to root for. Jordie Bellaire’s unpredictable storytelling style and Vanesa Del Rey’s haunting illustrations make this a must read series.


#6 – The Defenders (Marvel)

Luke Cage. Jessica Jones. Iron Fist. Gary….I mean Daredevil. The team that was brought together solely because of a Netflix series proved to be better than it’s t.v. counterpart. Brian Michael Bendis is so comfortable with these characters that he takes them through New York’s underworld with ease. Diamondback returns to be a surprisingly fantastic villain and the cameos by Punisher, Ben Urich, Black Cat, Kingpin and Hammerhead are spot on. It’s great to have a street level book in the Marvel U. It’s even better that it’s so fun to read.


#5 – Mister Miracle (DC Comics)

I have never been a fan of the New Gods….until now. This series does an amazing job of capturing what it feels like to be these characters. You don’t just see Scott Free’s journey, you feel it. Tom King takes God-like beings and shows their insecurities and base desires. It’s a book with a lot of dark and a lot of light and it pulls off switching from the to the other on a dime. A fantastic read.



#4 – Secret Weapons (Valiant)

Valiant continues to bring us classic superhero fare that still touches on something new. Secret Weapons is about a handful of people with special abilities being hunted by a super powered killer. The catch is that their abilities aren’t that great. One can talk to birds. Another can make something appear, but doesn’t have control over what that something will be. C-List heroes up against an unstoppable force. The fight ends up being way less one-sided than it  sounds.


#3 – God Country (Image)

Writer Donny Cates has made quite a name for himself this past year, writing a handful of compelling comic stories at various publishers. But the standout title among his body of work has to be God Country. An enchanted sword ends up in the hands of an old widower suffering from dementia. It restores his mental and physical health and sets him on the path to do battle with mythical deities. This new lease on life also gives him one last chance to repair his relationship with his only son. A powerful read on many levels.


#2 – Kill or be Killed (Image)

One of the best comics of 2016 is also one of the best comes of 2017. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ tale of a young vigilante suffering from mental health issues is disturbing and satisfying all in one go. The young man’s struggles are compelling and the twists and turns the story takes are always rewarding. It’s hard to say where this title will go next and that’s what makes it an always interesting read.



#1 – Hawkeye (Marvel)

Picking up on storylines from Matt Fraction’s legendary run with the character, Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero headed West with the other Hawkeye (some say the better Hawkeye), Kate Bishop. Taking on the role of detective, Kate sets up in L.A. to find out the whereabouts of her father and falls into a mystery much more dark and mysterious. With appearances from Madam Masque, Jessica Jones, Lucky the dog and good ol’ Clint Barton, this proved to be the best hero comic of 2017 and the most fun.



So there you have it. My picks for the Ten Best Comics Series of 2017. Let me know what your picks are by leaving a comment.

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