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Stan “The Man”. The Generalissimo. Smilin’ Stan. Doesn’t matter what name you know him by, Stan Lee is a hard person to forget. Kevin Smith once called him the father of our modern mythology. Fitting as the cast of comic book characters he co-created in the 60s are still well known today by the young and old. In fact, a lot of them are big movie stars now! Some are also t.v. stars. Stan Lee has left a mark on comicdom that cannot be denied.

On this week’s Back Issue Bloodbath, Andrew and Sammy take a look back on the career of Stan Lee. From his early days at Timely Comics, to the Marvel Era, to his numerous cameo appearances, we cover it all. If you’re a true believer, sit back and enjoy our creator spotlight on Stan Lee.

If you’re looking for more info on Stan Lee and the rise of Marvel comics, here’s some reading suggestions:

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