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Event Book Fatigue. Most comic book readers suffer from it. There’s a few fans out there that love all the big flashy events that Marvel and DC put out. But most of us are just tired of them. It’s taken awhile, but it’s finally affecting sales. They’ve become a blight on comicdom and we’ve had enough with them.

Some of you out there might think that we’re being a little over dramatic. That event books are not that much of a problem. From Seige in 2010 to Secret Empire in 2017, Marvel has put out 38 crossovers and/or event books. That’s a lot of books. It’s hard to argue that that’s not a little excessive. If these stories all stood out as quality series, you would hear no complaint from us. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Most of these events come off as forced and rushed to meet some marketing tie-in. They’re more of a chore to read than anything else and that’s the problem. Comics should never feel like a chore.

On the latest episode of Back Issue Bloodbath, Andrew and Sammy address Event Book Fatigue head on. Take a listen as they tackle major complaints like the lack of consequences and the disruption of regular series. It’s all in a days work for your favourite comic book podcast.

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