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Back in 1992, writer John Wagner and artist Arthur Ranson introduced the world to Harry Exton, an ex-soldier and mercenary who found himself a player in a deadly game. That was when The Button Man was born. Released through 2000AD (the hallmark of quality in British comics), The Button Man is the story of men who are paid to fight to the death in a modern day gladiatorial contest. The game is organized by mysterious backers known as voices and offers great financial rewards to the winners. The only problem for Harry is the only way to leave the game is to lose and losing equals death. Harry doesn’t like losing but he hates dying even more.

Take a listen to the latest episode of Back Issue Bloodbath for Andrew and Sammy’s look back on this classic comic tale of grit and blood and murder. It’s been over 25 years since this story was release and yet it seems very fitting with today’s social and political climate. If you’re a fan of The Punisher, The Button Man is right up your alley. Listen to Andrew and Sammy’s glowing review on this episode of Bloodbath. You’ll be glad you did.

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