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Superman is the last surviving son of Krypton. Spider-Man got bit by a radioactive spider. Batman became a vigilante to avenge the death of his parents. The biggest heroes in comics all have one thing in common: easy to follow back stories. Their origins have been retold a number of times but they haven’t been rewritten. This is not the case for everyone. Some costumed heroes have suffered through multiple revamps, relaunches and re-imaginings. With some characters, it feels like the words “Everything you know is a Lie” are plastered on every second issue. But which characters have the most convoluted back stories?

This week on Back Issue Bloodbath, Andrew and Sammy give their picks for the heroes with the most convoluted back stories. From time traveling mutants to reincarnated Hawk-Gods, get ready for the strangest and most confusing origin stories that are out there. Characters who came back from the dead a million times? We got those. How about the ones that have their lives completely changed by cosmic events that rewrite the universe? Yep, we’re covering those too. So sit back and enjoy as we present 10 characters with the most convoluted back stories in comics. Ty not to get a headache.

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