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When we think back to comics in the 90s, our minds can’t help but wander to the big pecs, big tits, big guns storytelling that was popular at the time. We tend to paint all the comics that came out in the first half of the decade with the same brush. That really isn’t fair as there were some great writers telling interesting stories during that time. One such writer was Fabian Nicieza. Writing comics like The New Warriors, X-Force, Cable and eventually, X-Men, Fabian created compelling characters and put extraordinary obstacles in their path. He also gave us a new take on Professor Xavier that he never got to pay off. Later in life, he would make a name for himself once again over at DC Comics with his work on a number of Batman books. Fabian is truly an unsung hero of the comic industry.

Join us this week for another creator spotlight on Back Issue Bloodbath. Sammy and Andrew pay proper tribute to Fabian Nicieza and his contributions to the land of funny books. We even hit on a Captain America miniseries that Andrew holds up to this day as the greatest retelling of Cap’s origin EVER! All in a days work for your favourite comic book podcast. Enjoy.

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