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When it comes to comic book sidekicks, Robin is probably the most famous. Debuting in the golden age with bare legs and little green booties, he was kind of hard to miss. Over the years, there have been multiple characters to don the costume, each with their memorable moments. But it’s hard to forget the first Robin, Dick Grayson. Dick would go on to become Nightwing (and even Batman a few times) but we all remember him as the boy wonder. Over the years, there have been many stories focusing on his adventures with the Bat. None are loved as much as Robin Year One, written by Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty with artwork by Javier Pulido.

Join Andrew and Sammy for another fun filled edition of Back Issue Bloodbath where they look back on this fan favourite miniseries from the year 2000. The first of Dixon and Beatty’s “sidekick trifecta”, this one is arguably their best. This being a story involving Batman, there are more than a few tangents about the caped crusader that follow the usual comic plot threads. There’s something for bat-fans and non-fans alike!

A special thanks to Penguin Random House Canada for providing a copy of the new Deluxe Edition Hardcover of Robin Year One.

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