Originally Aired: 03/16/18 – We review Jessica Jones Season 2. We also speak with Andy Goldenberg of the award-winning webseries Bad Timing. Plus a bonus review of short films Ewww & The Driving Seat.

We give a couple of reviews as we look at Ewww and The Driving Seat, two shorts from Turn The Slate Productions. Both of these comedy shorts are available for viewing right now on Turn The Slate’s Vimeo channel. Find out what Andrew and Mr. Green think of them.

Our review of Netflix Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter, Rachael Taylor and Carrie Anne Moss. Synopsis: This Netflix original chronicles the life of one of the darker Marvel characters, the mysterious Jessica Jones. When a tragedy puts an end to her short-lived career as a superhero, Jessica settles in New York City and opens her own detective agency, called Alias Investigations. The second season of the American web television series Jessica Jones follows Jones as she takes on a new case after the events surrounding her encounter with Kilgrave. Based on a graphic novel intended for adults, this is not a superhero story for the kids.

We also speak with actor and writer Andy Goldenberg. Andy will be on to tell us all about Bad Timing, a comedy webseries that takes place during the zombie apocalypse. Andy Goldenberg’s Goldentusk YouTube Channel has more than 56 million views, with Time Out New York film critic Keith Uhlich nicknaming him “The Theme Song Sondheim”. The Superman Theme Song may have been the very first YouTube video you ever watched. He acted opposite Adam Sandler and Al Pacino in the critically-acclaimed film, Jack and Jill, and has starred in several TV shows, films, and national commercials. He created Bad Timing and then also wrote, produced, acted, edited, and marketed the Streamy-nominated Series.

It was a great show!

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