This week, we’re talking board games, comic art and kaiju.

Don’t miss this Friday as Andrew and Mr. Green will be bringing you another jam-packed show full of awesome. Joining the guys via phone will be actor and host Becca Scott. Becca hosts Game the Game for Geek and Sundry (also available on Project Alpha). She’ll be on to talk about the show and some of her other projects. Here’s a quick bio on Becca:

Becca Scott is known for her serious addiction to gaming, and can be found throughout the internet giving board game tutorials, live streaming video games, & being general disruptive about the status quo of all things f’d up in the world. She’s voiced, hosted, or been featured in videos by Geek & Sundry, Mental Floss, College Humor, WHAM, FunnyOrDie, YouTube Red, Break, AEG, Super Deluxe, Looper, Grunge, SVG & More. 


For more info on Becca Scott, check out her website and be sure to listen to our interview with her this Friday.

Also joining us for a phone interview this Friday will be artist, musician and “Jane of All Trades” Afua Richardson. In the comics world, Afua is best known for her work on World of Wakanda and a number of fantastic covers. We’ll be talking with her about her artwork and MORE this Friday. Here’s a quick bio on Afua:

Afua was born in Harlem New York to Mr. & Mrs. William E. Richardson. By age she 11 was accepted into Manhattan’s Borough-wide ensembles, playing at Carnegie Hall and the Nuyorican Poets cafe with underground hip hop bands. She’s shared stages with Shelia E, Parliment Funkadelic and Sir Melvin Van Peebles. In 2006, her cover for Jim Bott’s ” Half Dead” horror series debuted her Marvel career. Today, Afua is known for her vivid colors, striking characters and non-traditional representations of [super] humanity.

Be sure to catch our interview with Afua on this Friday’s show and check out more from her at her website.

We’ve also got another movie review coming your way as Andrew and Mr. Green check out Pacific Rim Uprising. Will this film be as fun and exciting as it’s predecessor? Or will the dead kaiju carcasses not be the only thing that stinks about his picture? Find out this Friday as the boys give their honest opinion.

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Will this film rise up to the challenge? Find out this Friday.