Back in March, Geek Hard had the opportunity to attend the 2018 Toronto ComiCon. While at the show, Andrew and Mr. Green got the chance to chat with a number of talented people from celebrities to comic creators to cosplayers. One of the celeb guests that Mr. Green got to chat with was none other than actor John Wesley Shipp!

John Wesley Shipp is a television veteran who’s appeared on multiple series. John currently plays speedster Jay Garrick on the CW show, The Flash. But that’s not his only connection to the famous series. Aside from playing Barry Allen’s father in earlier seasons, Shipp also got to play Barry Allen on one season of the 1990 Flash series. The man has become synonymous with the character. For many, John is also well remember for his performance as Mitch Leery, father of Dawson Leery, on the hit show Dawson’s Creek. The man has had a storied career that show’s no signs of slowing down. (See what I did there?) Needless to say, Mr. Green was pretty excited to talk with him.

Check out the video to see Mr. Green ask John the toughest question: Who’s the better son – Barry or Dawson? The two also discuss the current Flash series and what it’s been like to play different characters on the show and what’s in Jay Garrick’s future. There’s also discussion of costume envy as Shipp compares the current Flash suits to the one he wore back in the 90s. A lot of fun is had and it’s over in a Flash…actually it goes for a few minutes. So give it a watch!

Check back here tomorrow for Andrew’s extended interview with Megan Follows.

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