Back in March, Geek Hard had the opportunity to attend the 2018 Toronto ComiCon. While at the show, Andrew and Mr. Green got the chance to chat with a number of talented people from celebrities to comic creators to cosplayers. One of the celeb guest that Andrew got to chat with was actor and Canadian Icon Megan Follows.

Megan Follows has had a storied career in acting on stage and screen with multiple television and film roles spanning the past 40 years. After four years on the hit show Reign as Queen Catherine de’ Medici, Megan was recently announced as a new addition to the cast of Wynonna Earp‘s 3rd season where she’ll play Mama Earp. This will be her first big foray into the supernatural genre. For the past 3 plus decades, Megan is best known for performance as Anne Shirley in the television adaptation of Anne of Green Gables and it’s follow up, Anne of Avonlea. That performance touched the hearts of a wide number of fans that still love Anne to this day. Needless to say, Megan Follows is a talented actor who’s played a number of great roles over the years.

Check out the video to see Andrew get Megan’s initial thoughts on joining the cast of Wynonna Earp as well as her thoughts on genre entertainment. They also chat about her diverse acting career and her opportunities at playing interesting mothers. Finally, there is talk about Anne of Green Gables and the importance of that role and its effect on countless fans. It’s a lot of fun and Megan is a true delight. Don’t take my word for it. Watch the video right now, dammit!

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