Back in March, Geek Hard had the opportunity to attend the 2018 Toronto ComiCon. While at the show, Andrew and Mr. Green got the chance to chat with a number of talented people from celebrities to comic creators to cosplayers. Andrew got the chance to catch up with a longtime friend, indie comic creator David Bishop.

Years ago, David drove to Andrew’s house to drop comics off so that he could review them. (Andrew has never let that down.) Since then, Andrew’s followed his work, from the zombie comic Stranger to the True Patriot Presents story Crude. David was at this year’s convention promoting the horror one shot Morte. Written by Kevin Joseph and released through Source Point Press, this post apocalyptic relies heavily on the visual story telling as it only has one letter of text. David talks about working on this piece and his drive to do the story justice.

David also did work on a comic starring hockey player Connor McDavid for Scholastic. As a man who admittedly knows very little about hockey, David approached this new challenge head on. The result is game winning goal of a comic that’s lead to more work with the publisher. Check out the video to see David touch on both these projects as well as give advice to young artists. There’s also more than a few shenanigans. It’s hard not to have any shenanigans with this guy. Give it a watch.



Be sure to check back here throughout the week for more great comic creator interviews like Mr. Green’s interview with New Mutants artist Adam Gorham. It’s coming your way in the next couple of days.

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