Back in March, Geek Hard had the opportunity to attend the 2018 Toronto ComiCon. While at the show, Andrew and Mr. Green got the chance to chat with a number of talented people from celebrities to comic creators to cosplayers. Joining them for the weekend, Sammy Younan of Back Issue Bloodbath also got to talk some great comic creators, including the legendary writer, Howard Mackie.

Howard Mackie is best known for his work at Marvel in the 90s. He introduced a new Ghost Rider to an unsuspecting public and the character became a hot seller immediately. He worked with the Spider-Man team for most of that decade and had a hand it killing off Aunt May and the infamous Clone Saga storyline. Howard also worked on X-Men titles like Gambit and Mutant X (the alternate dimension X-Men starring Havok). Needless to say, he got to contribute to many a Marvel book during that era and has touched the lives of comic fans to this day.

Check out our latest video to see Sammy charge right out of the gate and get into the nitty gritty of wacking Aunt May as well as working with the team that made Ben Riley the guy behind the Spidey mask. They also discuss how Howard got the job writing the new Ghost Rider. It’s a fun little interview that shows Howard’s passion for his work and his love the comics medium. Go ahead and watch it right now!



Be sure to check back here throughout the week for more great comic creator interviews with indie creator David Bishop and New Mutants artist Adam Gorham. It’s coming your way in the next couple of days.

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