This week, we witness the end of an age of heroes and jump into the uncertainty of dating culture.

Don’t miss this Friday’s Geek Hard as Andrew and Mr. Green bring you another jam packed show of awesome! Joining the boys in studio for the whole episode will be the 3rd Man of Geek Hard and a weekly contributor to the New Comics Blog, Kris Johnson. Kris will be on hand to help bring insight and knowledge as both a super fan and an indie comic writer. (So he’ll pretty much do what he always does: make a few jokes and piss Green off.) But Kris won’t be our only guest. There is another.

Also joining us this Friday via phone is writer Mike MacDonald. A former contributor to The Onion, Mike has spent the past couple of years producing the Choose Your Own Misery series. Co-written by Jilly Gagnon, the book series is a nostalgic parody of the Choose Your Own Adventure books of yesteryear. The latest addition to the series, Choose Your Own Misery: Dating, hits book shelves on May 29th. Here’s a quick synopsis of the book:


The only thing worse than getting back on the dating horse? The brutal loneliness of perpetual singledom. That’s why you’re putting in the effort to find your soulmate…or at least someone to warm your bed for a night. Playing as one of two characters, you get to choose just how bad your dating life gets. Will you head to a high school party or hitch your wagon to a Steve Urkel impersonator? Dabble in the painfully shallow depths of sexualizing your arm wound, or up the intensity of your first date by entering an underground fight club? Try to relive the romance of Harold and Maude, but with more roofies and an ominous burial plot in Maude’s backyard?


To find out more about Choose Your Own Misery: Dating, be sure to listen to our interview with Mike MacDonald this Friday.

All this is well and good but we know what you really want. You want our review of Avengers: Infinity War. Come this Friday, that’s EXACTLY what you’re going to get. Listen as Andrew, Green and Kris give their spoiler free review of the biggest film to EVER come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will it be the best damn superhero film ever! Or will it be the biggest letdown in comic book movie history? Find out what we think this Friday.

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Will Infinity War be an infinite disappointment? Find out what we think this Friday.