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If you were at a movie theatre this weekend, you probably went to see Avengers: Infinity War. If the box office is any indication, I don’t know if any other movies were seen at all this past week. There were a lot of movie goers checking out the latest offering from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In honor of this, we’re taking a look back on the original miniseries that inspired it: The Infinity Gauntlet.

Released in the fall of 1991, The Infinity Gauntlet is a six issue miniseries where Thanos finally gets what he wants: to be a GOD. Writer Jim Starlin had been building to this comic in both the Silver Surfer ongoing series as well as the precursor miniseries, The Thanos Quest. In Infinity Gauntlet, the gloves came off. (Not really ’cause the gauntlet is a big glove that Thanos definitely keeps on.) With just a snap of the titan’s fingers, half the population of the universe blinked out of existence. And so Adam Warlock, The Surfer, Doctor Strange and bunch of other (more famous) Marvel heroes would take the fight to him in an attempt to get everything back to normal. Did they succeed? More importantly, did Starlin, George Perez and Ron Lim succeed in making a fun event book?

Take a listen to this week’s Bloodbath to find the answers to these questions and more!

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