Welcome to another edition of New Comics, where we give our suggestions on what books to pick up when perusing the comic shelves week to week. This week, I present them to you without a co-writer as Kris Johnson is on a cruise (lucky bastard). Read on to find the best of what the comic shop has in store for you this week.

MONSTRESS #16 $3.99 (Image) – Marjorie Liu and Sana Tanaka continue to bring out a damn fine story of a girl and her kaiju. (That makes it sound like a cute fairy tale when it is anything but!) Maika’s in the lost world of the Shaman Empress. Kippa is about to be betrayed. A lot is happening in this issue. I wouldn’t miss it if I were you.

PETER PARKER SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #304 $3.99 (Marvel) – Whoever said time is a flat circle never traveled to their own past to get help from their younger self to find an alien and end up causing them to give up the whole “wall crawler” thing. Yeah, that happened to Spider-Man after Doctor Doom assured him that he couldn’t change the past. Well it looks like he did and now he’s got to fix things with the help of J Jonah Jameson and Spidey’s kinda/sorta sister. Loving the J Jonah team up. Can’t wait to see where this one goes. Better yet, can’t wait to see when this one goes.

NUCLEAR WINTER GN VOL 01 $9.99 (Boom) – If you’re looking for a graphic novel that mixes science with slice of life, check out Nuclear Winter. The story takes place in an irradiated Montreal where an accident at a nuclear power plant has plunged the city into almost a decade of winter. Not much changes for mail courier Flavie Beaumont, except for the fact that she always does her route via snowmobile. This book makes light of “surviving” your twenties against the backdrop of surviving a nuclear winter. Two great tastes that taste great together!

MY BOYFRIEND IS A BEAR GN $19.99 (Oni) – Nora has trouble with the men in her life. So naturally, she finds love with a bear in the Los Angeles hills. A literal bear. One that hibernates and lives in the woods and such. How the hell is this relationship going to work? I’m very intrigued by this “classic” story of Bear meets Girl.

WORLD OF TANKS: CITADEL #1 (OF 5) $3.99 (Dark Horse) – Garth Ennis brings us a new war comic. It’s always nice to see a writer get to stretch his legs in his natural habitat. WWII is Ennis’ muse and this story is another example of this. A tank battle on the Eastern front in 1943 between a unit of Russian tanks that are falling apart and a German crew that knows that failure is not an option. There will be raw action. There will be blood. But there will also be some compelling characters. Everything you want in a Garth Ennis war tale.

HAWKEYE KATE BISHOP TP VOL 03 FAMILY REUNION $15.99 (Marvel) – I don’t need to tell you how much I love this book. You should already know. And I’m not the only one who loves the series as Hawkeye was nominated for an Eisner this year! Take a listen to our interview with writer Kelly Thompson from February and pick up this trade for some awesome adventure and excitement. A reader does crave these things.

GREEN HORNET #3 $3.99 (Dynamite)/ Now it’s Istanbul / Not Constantinople / Now it’s Istanbul / Not Constantinople / Even Britt Junior was once the Green Hornet / Why’d they change it? / I can’t say / People just liked it better that way! / So Mulan (the current GH) and reporter Tai travel to Istanbul to offer Britt Jr. the Green Hornet mantle back and he refuses. Thanks a lot buddy, you could’ve just sent a text and saved us a flight. But there’s no time to get angry as The Oko shows up and accuses the Hornet of murder. This book’s got a lot going on.

BARRIER #2 (OF 5) $3.99 (Image) – Did you pick up Barrier #1 on Free Comic Book Day? If you didn’t that’s okay. Both issues 1 and 2 are available this Wednesday. It was the best book to come out last Saturday, so you don’t want to miss it. Brian K. Vaughn and Marcos Martin bring us a story that’s both relevant to the current social and political climate while still dropping some sci-fi on your ass. Check it out this Wednesday!

JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE #1 (OF 4) $3.99 (DC Comics) – Hey, so yeah, four beings made up of the universe’s major energies have shown up in our galaxy and plan to make a meal out of the Earth. For you Marvel fans, this is like four Galactuses showing up for feeding time. Only the Justice League stands in their way. Will they be enough to stop them? Don’t know. What I do know is that the artwork is by Francis Manapul, so it’s gonna be awesome!

WWE #17 $3.99 (Boom) – It’s the last chapter in the Women’s Evolution story arc. Bayley makes her way to the main roster to meet up with the other Four Horsewomen. But more importantly, it’s also the last chapter of the Asuka backup story where the Empress of Tomorrow makes her own debut on Monday Night Raw. Tini Howard brings the fire with this one as Asuka continues her undefeated streak on the main roster. I’m excited. Are you excited? Get excited.


So there you go. That’s this week’s New Comics. Check these books out and let us know what you think. We’ll be back again next week with more choice cuts of comic goodness.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!


Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #304