This week, we celebrate Andrew’s Birthday with a comedian and a scoundrel.

Don’t miss this Friday’s show as Andrew celebrates his birthday the only way he knows how… hosting a show with Mr. Green. Also joining the guys via phone is comedian Kyle Bottom. Kyle was scheduled to be on the show a few weeks back but due to a power outage at our studio, the interview didn’t happen. Thankfully that’s all been corrected and you’ll hear from Kyle about his new album, Dungeon Master. Here’s a quick bio on Kyle:


Forged in the fires of mount Doom, Kyle Bottom is the one comic to rule them all. The self-proclaimed nerd king has honed his bizarre sense of humour over the last decade. His unique style has earned him appearances at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and he’s a regular on CBC Radio’s “The Debaters”.


If you want to know more about Dungeon Master, be sure to listen to our interview with Kyle Bottom this Friday.

We’ll also be bringing you another movie review as Andrew and Mr. Green give their thoughts on Solo: A Star Wars Story (in theatres this Friday). This is a movie that most Star Wars fans are weary of. Will it be the scruffy looking nerf herder of the Star Wars franchise? Or will it shock and surprise and be as smooth as Lando’s wardrobe? Find out what we think this Friday.

And hey, in case you forgot, it’s Andrew’s Birthday show!

All this, plus the news and review that you’ve come to expect, right here on Geek Hard. Listen LIVE! This Friday at 7PM Eastern on the station that plays music to a galaxy far far away, Be sure to listen and send Andrew some birthday well wishes!

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Solo can go either way. Find out which way this Friday.