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Welcome to a world where the supernatural has gone crazy and the only people who can hold the evil at bay is The Gravediggers Union.

This week on Bloodbath, we take a look at this new series from Image and the mind of Wes Craig. Known for his artwork on the popular Deadly Class title, Wes shows off his writing skills on this book. While still providing a bit of introductory art and covers, he leaves the heavy lifting to Toby Cypress. The apocalypse is coming and the only group who can stop it is The Gravediggers Union. They fight against supernatural threats like junk golems, ghost storms and The Black Temple (a cult that’s set on releasing the Dark Gods and bringing about the end of the world). So how are a group of men and women with shovels gonna stop ’em? You’d be surprised how effective a shovel and a pick axe can be in these situations.

Join Andrew and Sammy as they discuss the first 6 issues of this exciting series. Listen as they point out 80s movies influences and dissect the interesting colour pallet of The Gravediggers Union. All in a days work on your favourite comic book podcast, Back Issue Bloodbath.

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