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The Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s a place of wonders that has taken the box office by storm. From Iron Man to Infinity War, the audience for Marvel Movies has grown. So much so, that superhero films are now the genre to beat in theatres. But what effect, if any, has there been to Marvel’s comics? Have the movies helped the comics or have they hurt them?

This week on Back Issue Bloodbath, we examine the effects of the Marvel movies on the comic line. The House of Ideas has taken cues from the movies and changed certain elements to their own timeline to mirror them. Nick Fury Jr. is a prime example. At the same time, trades and hardcovers relating to the films being released are hot sellers. But what about the current comics? Is the company really attracting new readers of the movie going variety with quarterly events that cross over into all available titles? Is renumbering inviting people to jump on a book, or giving them an excuse to jump off? Take a listen as we try to answers some of these questions.

Also, you get to hear Andrew butcher an explanation of Marshall McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Message” comment. Always a fun time here on Back Issue Bloodbath.

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