Originally Aired: 06/01/18 – We review Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us Season 2. We speak with Ajay Fry host of InnerSpace and with comics legend Howard Chaykin.

We talk with co-host Ajay Fry of the now-cancelled InnerSpace TV show that aired daily at 6pm on the Space Channel in Canada. The show aired for over 9 seasons, more if you include the previous incarnations on the network that preceded it. Ajay who joined the Space crew as a host with The Circuit which morphed into InnerSpace along with Teddy Wilson and Morgan Hoffman. He joins us to talk about his time with the show, the awesome fans, experiences he had and what he’s been dong since the cancellation announcement on May 24th, 2018. It’s a bittersweet conversation.

Our review of Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us. Synopsis: For some people, the favourite memories from their childhoods are playing with toys, some of which become iconic through the years as multiple generations of people play with the venerable playthings. This series takes a look at some of America’s greatest toy franchises, including the people and companies that created them, telling the stories of the rise — and, sometimes, fall — of the billion-dollar creations. Some of the featured toys are original creations, such as Barbie, while others are based on pop-culture franchises, including the “Star Wars” line. In Season 2 they feature Star Trek, Transformers, LEGO and Hello Kitty.

We also speak with comics legend Howard Chaykin will join us via phone to talk about the re-release of Batman Thrillkiller, a DC Elseworlds story he created with painter artist Dan Brereton, coming this July. Howard Chaykin started out as a gofer for the legendary artist Gil Kane at 19, which also led him to work for Wally Wood, Gray Morrow, Neal Adams and Byron Preiss, all of whom are greats in the field of comics. This is where he honed his skills as a cartoonist. Before working in film and television he created the graphic novels “Stars Be My Destination” and “Empire”. He was also the artist of the comic adaptation of “Star Wars” as well as the artist of one of the “Luke Skywalker” movie posters. He also created “American Flagg” and “Black Kiss” and did modern updates of “The Shadow” and “Blackhawk”.

It was a great show!

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