Originally Aired: 06/08/18 – We review Won’t You Be My Neighbor. We revisit the Geek Hard Music Club and we play an interview with Thom Allison & Kelly McCormack of Killjoys.

Our latest entry to the Geek Hard Music Club. We play Hand Solo Records new track “Choose Your Own Avenger (The Mighty Version)” By More Or Les and more. Hand’Solo Records releases a pair of singles for the upcoming split 7” that combines these two extremely different but complimentary posse cuts paying homage to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Split evenly between the two songs, the 12 MCs were asked to choose an Avenger, resulting in two Avengers teams. Sorry, neither is the West Cost Avengers. Instead, the “Mighty Version” teams More Or Les with int eighty (of Dual Core), Wordburglar, NiLLa, Touch andMikeAll over an aggressive, heavy-hitting beat by More Or Les, while the “Ultimate Version” teams Ultra Magnus with Lex Lingo, Schaffer the Darklord, Shubzilla, Sulfur and Primordial Emcee over a catchy, courtly creation from Klopfenpop. And the old school art design by Kody Peters is deadly. So, what is your Avengers team?

Our review of the documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor? starring Fred Rogers, Joanne Rogers and Betty Aberlin. Synopsis: Filmmaker Morgan Neville examines the life and legacy of Fred Rogers, the beloved host of the popular children’s TV show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.”

We also speak with actors Thom Allison and Kelly McCormack recorded back in April at Geek Hard Live in front of a live audience. That night, there was a freak ice storm in Toronto, but many a brave soul still came out to hear us chat with these two stars of Killjoys (returning to television July 20th!). You’ll get to hear about Thom’s early acting gigs in theatre as well as Kelly’s audition for the role of Zeph. There’s also many a joke about Pree’s promiscuity and even an answer to whether or not there will be a Musical Episode on the next season of Killjoys.

It was a great show!

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Opening Music “Eterna Teen” by Mark Holman
“Choose Your Own Avenger (The Mighty Version)” By More Or Les and more
“Choose Your Own Avenger ( The Ultimate Version)” by Ultra Magnus and more
“Miche King Cole’s Neighborhood” by Miche Fambro
“Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Theme” by Fred Rogers
“Follow” by Humans
“Shooting Stars” by Derek and Brandon Fiechter
Closing Music “Kelly’s Heroes” by Black Grape