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Hey friends, you know what’s harder than being a superhero in New York? Being a former superhero turned mayor in a post-9/11 New York. If you got that job, your name is Mitchell Hundred and you’re the star of Ex Machina, the celebrated Vertigo title from the minds of Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris. This 50 issue series subverted the superhero genre by stepping away from the “good guy vs. bad guy” trope. Vaughan and Harris brought us political drama set against the backdrop of a city in constant flux with hints of the supernatural and surreal. It was a book that showed it’s readers how being in charge is way harder than being a costumed vigilante.

Join Andrew and Sammy as they take a look back on this beloved series and break down why it’s one of Brian K. Vaughan’s best. There’s also some theories thrown around on possible inspirations and homages as well. It’s all just another day at the office for your favourite comic book podcast. Enjoy.

A special thanks to Penguin Random House Canada for providing a copy of Ex Machina: The Complete Series Omnibus, available now. Pick up yours today.

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