Geek Hard is coming to Fan Expo Canada!

Thursday, August 30th, you have your chance to see how the sausage gets made as we bring a LIVE podcast recording at the convention. We’ll be doing our thing in front of a live studio audience at 8PM. It all takes place in Room 717A of the south building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. You’ll get to see us bring you the usual news and reviews that you’ve come to expect, as well as a whole lot more! Alan Arkin and Grant Morrison might even show up. Both of those guests are not confirmed but ya know who is? Comic creators Matthew Rosenberg and Adam Gorham!

Matthew’s been killing it over at Marvel these days. Just this past year, he’s resurrected Jean Grey, put Punisher in the War Machine armour, turned the New Mutants into the Scooby gang and took Punisher out of the War Machine armour. That’s a busy year. Joining for that New Mutants ride was Adam Gorham. This artist has been a longtime friend of Geek Hard and was even the 2017 Golden Grant winner for best comic book creator guest of the year on the show. That’s an impressive accolade. (I’m not just saying that because we give out that award. That award is not easy to get. It’s truly impressive that he won.)

Come out and be a part of the action this Thursday, August 30th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The show begins at 8PM in Room 717A of the south building. The event is free is included with your admission into Fan Expo Canada. So get your tickets for that day, come enjoy the fun of hundreds of vendors and attractions, and then join us as we record this week’s episode of Geek Hard!

Here’s the info once again:



Thursday, August 30th at 8PM

Room 717A, South Building

Metro Toronto Convention Centre


Get your tickets to Fan Expo Canada HERE!

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!