Originally Aired: 08/24/18 – Our preview of 2018 Fall TV Lineup. We speak with writer/artist Bill Morrison about Yellow Submarine and we also talk with Wordburglar about his new album Rhyme Your Business.

Show Notes:

We have the return of the Geek Hard Music Club. This time we play the track Verbserker from Wordburglar’s new album Rhyme Your Business dropping September 4th. You can preorder now just go here.

We speak with a man we were supposed to have on last week. Unfortunately, schedules got mixed up and he was unable to call in. But that’s okay because comic creator Bill Morrison did join us this week to talk about his graphic novel adaptation of The Beatles Yellow Submarine movie, as well as being the editor of Mad Magazine and more!

Our preview of the 2018 Fall TV Lineup. We take a look at the upcoming Fall TV lineup. If you’ve listened to Geek Hard over the years, you know that we like to talk about geek and genre television at great length. We especially love to prepare you all for the new TV series that come our way. And we’ve reached that time of year again where an abundance of new shows are on the horizon. Join us as we take a look at the upcoming Fall TV season. We break down the new programs for September thru December for Network, Cable and streaming services. Take a listen and maybe you’ll hear about a new show that’ll pique your interest.

We also speak with longtime friend of the show and an amazingly talented rapper, Wordburglar! Burgie talks about his latest album, Rhyme Your Business, which you can pre-order RIGHT NOW! He’ll also chat about his upcoming cross-Canada tour, his Nerd Noise Night appearance at The Rec Room in Toronto on Saturday, September 1st (during Fan Expo Canada Weekend) and more!

It was a great show!

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Verbserker by Wordburglar
“Make Fun Not Bore” by Wordburglar
“Only A Northern Song” by The Beatles
“Yellow Submarine” by Adora Makokha
“I Wanna Be On TV” by Green Day
“Coffee And T.V.” by Blur
“Barter In Nostalgia” by Wordburglar
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