Welcome to another edition of New Comics, where we give our suggestions on what books to pick up when perusing the comic shelves week to week. As always, I am joined by  Kris Johnson. Read on to find the best of what the comic shop has in store for you this week.

COLD SPOTS #1 (OF 5) $3.99 (Image) – Cullen Bunn returns to creator-owned comics with artist Mark Torres in tow. Cold Spots is the story of a shitty guy that walked away from his wife and unborn child and only grows a semblance of a conscience when they go missing some ten years later. He begins a search in the hopes of a happy ending, but must contend with the growing restlessness of the dead the deeper down the rabbit hole he goes. This could be the sleeper of the week, and, goddammit, the solicits had to go and mention cosmic terror. You better believe that piqued my interest all the way to the dimensions between dimensions. Let’s take a journey into madness together, shall we? (Kris)

WEST COAST AVENGERS #1 $4.99 (Marvel) – Last year, Kelly Thompson showed us that the West Coast NEEDS Kate Bishop, a.k.a. Hawkeye. This year, she shows us that Kate needs a team of “professionals” to back her up and keep the coast safe and free of Land Sharks. Did I just say Land Sharks? Damn right I did. The West Coast Avengers are BACK, BABY! This team is so awesome it has two Hawkeyes! It also has America Chavez, Gwenpool and Kid Omega. Oh, and Fuse. Who the hell is Fuse? Didn’t you read Hawkeye? Either way, you’re gonna find out here in the most hotly anticipated team book of the year! Grab a taco and enjoy. (Andrew)

REDNECK #14 $3.99 (Image) – Last issue, we were introduced to Bartlett’s lost love, July, when a beaten and desperate Bowman family looking for sanctuary plowed a hijacked police APV through the front gates of her fortified vampire compound. Now usually, being reunited with an old flame is a time for celebration. But Bartlett being Bartlett, July pretty much thinks he’s the worst, so that shot of him on the cover with a giant shotgun hole in his chest may turn out to be extremely literal. (Kris)

JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER #8 $3.99 (Archie) – For the past few centuries, a war has been waging between a clan of werewolves named Jones and a clan of werewolf hunters named Cooper. Jughead and Betty have kept up this tradition. But how has this war affected the good people of Riverdale? I’m guessing they don’t mind as long as they keep the noise down. This issue, we find out who the real victims of this battle are. (Andrew)

VENOM #5 $3.99 (Marvel) – Donny Cates. Ryan Stegman. Changing the symbiote game one issue at a time and crafting an absolute all time masterpiece. Is this the definitive Venom solo story? Maybe. It’s certainly adding more new and awesome elements to the character’s mythos than any arc before. Do I have any idea where this is going? Not at all. But the journey thus far has been the coolest it could possibly be. (Kris)

BEASTS OF BURDEN #1 (OF 4) WISE DOGS & ELDRITCH MEN $3.99 (Dark Horse)I’ll always pick up Beasts of Burden / Getting the latest issue for certain / All I want is a good read. / They say it takes a wise dog to repeat the gag of doing a Stones song parody to promote this series. Never let go of the classics, is what I say. It also takes a wise dog to stop a string of occult disturbances that are plaguing the Pennsylvania corridor. Good thing several wise dogs are working on the problem. Mutants and fire salamanders beware! (Andrew)

AVENGERS #6 $3.99 (Marvel) – The latest Avengers series has taken a minute to get going, but, maaaaaan, last issue get going it did. It got very going. The Dark Celestials have backed the Avengers against a wall and the destruction of Earth seems imminent. Several of the heroes have made some pretty desperate moves to combat the threat. Thor and Hulk ate the frozen tears of Laufey or something and have become giants. Iron Man jacked into the new and untested Godkiller 2 armour and became giant. And Ghost Rider…? Are you sensing a pattern? Yes dammit, he’s also become a giant. But how did HE do it, you ask? Well Timmy, he possessed a dead celestial carcass and made it his mount, by golly! And now? Now the giant-sized Avengers are gonna fight some freakin’ celestials! Doesn’t that sound fun? Of course it does. I can’t believe you’re even asking me that question, self. (Kris)

PUNISHER #1 $4.99 (Marvel) – Matthew Rosenberg has told Punisher stories we never thought we’d see. He continues that tradition in this new Punisher series where Frank Castle continues to hunt big game. He no longer has the War Machine armour, but he does have a plan. A plan to kick some ass and take no prisoners. Lets see how dangerous Frank gets this time. (Andrew)

MAMMON HC $19.99 (Dark Horse) – This book gets a nod from me this week because I dig it when artists from other fields take a crack at the medium of comics. Sometimes the experiment fails horribly. While other times it can result in some unexpectedly beautiful work. Here’s hoping fantasy illustrator Michael Hague’s vampire epic is not of the former and is all kinds of the latter. Beginning in the 1920’s, Mammon chronicles the tale of a writer searching for the truth, if there be any, behind the tale of Dracula. The journey promises lavishly illustrated exotic locales and some mind-bending-ly wild visuals as things begin to skew in a more supernatural direction. If nothing else, this book will be something different on the ol’ comic racks. (Kris)

SEX CRIMINALS TP VOL 05 FIVE-FINGERED DISCOUNT $16.99 (Image) – It’s time for another collected edition of Sex Criminals! YAY! This series brought us a couple who could freeze time by having sex and then they’d rob banks while time was frozen. But that was when they were together. Now that they’ve broken up, they’re both experiencing what I like to call “Rebound Town“. It’s a nice place but you wouldn’t want to live there. And even with Suzie and Jon uncoupled as it were, it doesn’t mean that their lives won’t get more dangerous and complicated. Sounds like a good time to me. (Andrew)


So there you go. That’s this week’s New Comics. Check these books out and let us know what you think. We’ll be back again next week with more choice cuts of comic goodness.

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West Coast Avengers #1