Originally Aired: 08/31/18 – Our interview LIVE at Fan Expo Canada with Matthew Rosenberg of New Mutants: Dead Souls, The Punisher and more.

Show Notes:

This episode of Geek Hard is on location at Fan Expo Canada! That’s right, we were at the biggest convention in Canada and we’re bringing you all along for the ride. There were chills, thrills and surprises as we talk with two amazing comic creators in front of a live audience. Writer (and Marvel darling) Matthew Rosenberg will be joining us on stage in Room 717A at the MTCC South Building to talk about his work on the PunisherNew MutantsPhoenix Resurrection and more! Geek Hard 2017 Golden Grant Award winner Adam Gorham was supposed to join us, however, due to a sudden bout of Dinosaur Throat, he was unable to join us or the convention until Saturday. So he missed on being the butt of most of Mr. Green’s jokes.

Matthew Rosenberg was born and raised in New York City. The son, nephew, and brother of writers, he naturally spent the first 10 years of his professional life trying to avoid the same fate. After years of directing music videos, working at a comic shop, and co-owning an indie record label, the fates left him two choices; write comics or starve to death trying. Armed with his freakish knowledge of all things comic book and a complete lack of desire to do anything else, Matthew now finds himself a comic writer.

It was a great show!

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