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Is a story bad because it’s truly bad or because we know how it effects a certain character’s continuity? That’s the experiment for this week’s episode of Back Issue Bloodbath as Andrew invites podcaster Dearbhla Trainor to join him for this episode. Dearbhla had never read a comic book before this experiment. Andrew gave her a comic story that was universally reviled by comics fans from all over to see if it’s as bad we all think it is. The story in question is 2003’s Trouble.

Written by Mark Millar with art by Terry and Rachel Dodson, Trouble was the brainchild of former Marvel president Bill Jemas. It was Bill’s idea to introduce a new wrinkle in the origin story of Peter Parker by showing just how his Uncle Ben and Aunt May first met. It was also meant to reintroduce romance comics, a staple of business during the Silver Age, to the direct market. The book flopped hard. Listen as Andrew interviews Dearbhla and gets an unbiased opinion on the merits of Trouble.

Will she hate it just as much as Spider-Man fans did? Or will she enjoy it for the youthful tale of love and sex that it is? Take a listen as we get into Trouble!

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