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This week on Bloodbath, we take a look at The Silencer, one of the series that’s part of DC’s New Age of Heroes imprint. Written by Dan Abnett and featuring artwork from John Romita Jr., Viktor Bogdonovic and Patch Zircher, Silencer takes place in the criminal underground of the DC Universe. It’s a highly confusing world of double crosses and lots of blood. Check out DC’s take on the book:

She’s one of the DC Universe’s deadliest assassins… and you’ve never heard of her. Super-strong, highly trained, armed with devastating and stealthy meta-human abilities, the Silencer is virtually invincible. Or at least she was. After decades as Leviathan’s chief assassin, Honor Guest put in her time and managed to get out with her skin intact. Now she lives a normal life with a normal family in a normal house on a normal street. But the past has come back to haunt her in the form of her old employer and a deadly new mission… and Talia Al Ghul won’t take no for an answer.

Take a listen to find out what Andrew and Sammy think of this new series.

A special thanks to Penguin Random House Canada for providing a copy of The Silencer Vol. 1: Code of Honor, available now. Pick up yours today.

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