Welcome to another edition of New Comics, where we give our suggestions on what books to pick up when perusing the comic shelves week to week. As always, I am joined by  Kris Johnson. Read on to find the best of what the comic shop has in store for you this week.

DEATH ORB #1 $3.99 (Dark Horse) – What’s a guy to do when he’s just trying to live his best life in a post-apocalyptic hell-scape and a bunch of fat-headed death cult assholes decide to ruin the party and kidnap his wife? Did you say, “Grab the biggest axe you can find, jump on a tricked-out motorcycle, and cut a bloody path of destruction through any murdery jackanape that stands between you and your lady”? If so, you should probably speak to a medical professional because your brain is broken. Also, you may have written this comic. (Kris)

ANALOG: A CYBER DYSTOPIAN NOIR TP VOL 01 $9.99 (Image) – This is one of my favourite series of the year! In 2024, after the mass doxxing that destroyed all privacy on the web, the world now uses “paper jockeys” (otherwise known as ledger men) to transport information. The comic follows Jack McGinnis, a ledger man, as he transport some crazy shit. It’s neo-noir at it’s finest. It’s also pretty fucking funny. Gerry Duggan is kicking ass on this one. (Andrew)

COSMIC GHOST RIDER #4 (OF 5) $3.99 (Marvel) – You know what happens when a cosmically empowered, spirit-of-vengeance-infused, practically immortal Frank Castle decides to kidnap an infant Thanos from his crib and raise him as the son he lost in that park all those years ago? Punisher Thanos. You get Punisher Thanos. The universe is so screwed. (Kris)

BLACKBIRD #1 $3.99 (Image) – It’s another neo-noir title! I’m sensing a trend. Nina Rodriguez senses a secret world of magic ruled by cabals lies just under the surface of Los Angeles. As one does. Hey, turns out she’s right and no one will believe her. Isn’t that always the way? Danger lurks around every corner. And every corner and inch of this book looks amazing as it’s drawn by the uber-talented Jen Bartel! (Andrew)

JOOK JOINT #1 (OF 5) $3.99 (Image) – 1950s New Orleans. The place to be for all the hottest jazz, booze, and women a red blooded-male could hope to handle. There’s a jook joint run by a mysterious women named Mahalia. Whether you’re a man who wants a woman, a man looking for a man, or a dame with an eye for the ladies, your heart’s desires can be satiated. You’ve just gotta remember to be respectful and “keep your hands to yourself”. If you don’t? You may find yourself missing those hands… and your face… and most of your organs. (Kris)

SPOOKHOUSE 2 #1 (OF 4) $3.99 (Albatross) – It’s October! Time for scary comics to come out of the woodwork. Not literally….well, maybe. Eric Powell brings back his weekly horror anthology for pre-Halloween consumption. Knowing Powell, there’s gonna be some fucked up stuff between the covers. Steve Mannion and Kyle Hotz join in on the creepy shenanigans! (Andrew)

BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT TP $19.99 (DC Comics) – Sean Murphy’s Bat-epic was a masterpiece of beautiful art and wholesale destruction when it was published in single issue format. It’ll be even better the second time around in this uncensored collected edition debuting this week as part of DC’s new Black Label line. There will be no wangs (I don’t think) but there will be nips, butts, blood, and bad language. Y’know… if you’re into that. (Kris)

REDLANDS #7 $3.99 (Image) – This was one of my favourite comics of last year. It made it into my TOP TEN books! Three witches running a town has never felt so good….until now. The coven is divided at the worst time. Daddy’s home and he needs a favour. That’s not a euphemism. He’s literally home and he wants something from the witches. Check out this new story arc. (Andrew)

WALK THROUGH HELL #5 $3.99 (Aftershock) – This month, Ennis and Sudzuka reveal the depths of Shaw’s sin. Did she cause the living nightmare that she and McGregor find themselves trapped in? Will Goss fall victim to an even more ghastly fate now that he’s alone in the dark? And what does all of this have to do with a string of child murders? Disturbing. Distressing. Legitimately horrific. What more in the way of spookiness could you ask for in the first week of October? Nothing, dammit. Stop being greedy. (Kris)

DEAD RABBIT #1 $3.99 (Image) – Would you look at that. Another comic by Gerry Duggan on this list. And it’s a neo-noir book? Even better. To top it all off, it’s drawn by John McCrea! What a time to be alive! It’s funny ’cause keeping someone alive is the whole reason that Martin Dobbs, a.k.a. the masked Dead Rabbit, finds himself back in a life of crime. Dude retired 20 years ago. But his woman needs money for medical issues and he’s gone back to doing the only thing he’s good at. Stealing. Nobody’s really happy about that. Except us. We’re bloody thrilled. It’s gonna be a good crime spree. (Andrew)


So there you go. That’s this week’s New Comics. Check these books out and let us know what you think. We’ll be back again next week with more choice cuts of comic goodness.

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Analog Volume 1 TP