So a blind guy and a pregnant cop walk into a zombie movie……

The Blood In The Snow Film Festival begins tonight, offering some choice cuts in the world of horror and genre films. No festival of this nature would be complete without a story of one or two scared souls facing tough odds and fighting off a hoard of infected people wreaking havoc on a small town or isolated area. Thankfully, Foresight Features has provided such a film with their latest offering, Deadsight, playing Sunday, November 25th at 4:30PM.

Directed by Jesse Thomas Cook and starring Liv Collins and Adam Seybold, Deadsight follows a man with partial blindness and a young pregnant police woman who must work together to escape a deadly virus that’s spread across Grey County. With a number of handicaps working against them, they must fight off a number of infected people in order to survive.

When it comes to horror, the simplest premise works the best. Deadsight is a prime example of this. A story of two people trying to overcome their unfortunate situation with the odds stacked against them is easy to invest in. You don’t need a ton of special effects or a cast of thousands to sell this story. You just need raw emotion. Cook is a veteran in this regard. A true believer when it comes to DIY cinema, Jesse and his crew once again take the elements at their disposal and use them to their advantage. A sparse cast, a rural location and an easily defined threat are all Cook needs to make a compelling horror movie. The credit also goes to Liv Collins (who also co-produced and stars in the film) and Kevin Revie, who wrote to their team’s strengths. The Collingwood crew knows how to make a ripping yarn from what they have at the ready.

The concept of the film itself is a lot of fun. Can a blind guy and a pregnant woman fight off a bunch of infected assailants and get to safety? We’ve seen so many takes on the zombie genre, each featuring a protagonist or two plagued with a different set of obstacles. This particular pair of problems makes for a lethal combination. With one character having no sight, they’re unable to be accurate in fighting against ensuing threats. With the other being pregnant, and ready to pop, there’s the added threat of her going into labour at any time. The tension in this story is immediate and makes for great storytelling.

The only real drawback of Deadsight is that it takes it’s time to get where it’s going. While it is important to slowly establish the the oncoming threat of this infection for the viewer, they could speed things up a bit at the start. The audience really doesn’t need to be hand held. Dropping in a little further along in the story would create even more tension as the audience would be slightly disoriented. But even with the minor drag at the beginning of the film, it still grabs the viewer in the end.

If you’re looking for a fresh take on a zombie movie, be sure to check out Deadsight at BITS18, this Sunday at 4:30PM at the Royal Cinema. Tickets are available HERE.

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Catch Deadsight on Sunday, November 25th, at 4:30PM at The Royal Cinema